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We are Saint Paul Animal Attic, a full service wildlife removal company servicing Saint Paul, MN. Our wildlife control and removal company always uses a humane approach when dealing with wildlife. We actively avoid poisons and will never use them or recommend them to our clients. Instead, we utilize live cage traps when necessary and always try to use prevention and exclusion if the situation allows for it. Thanks to over a decade of experience dealing with nuisance wildlife and the problems they cause, we have a wealth of humane methods up our sleeves for dealing with the animals that can cause issues in residential areas. In many cases, we are able to remove the wildlife without even using harmful traps at all. Instead, exclusion devices Will frequently be enough to keep them out, particularly when combined with our professional-grade home repairs. Our team is always available with someone working at every time. We know that animals are active at all times of the day and do not celebrate holidays or weekends, so we do not take days off. This way, you can contact us any day of the year at any time and expect respect and courtesy, the treatment you deserve. Our wildlife company is fully licensed and insured, including commercial liability insurance, protecting your property. Call us now at 651-217-8551 for a solution to your wild animal problem.

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We repair wildlife damage and prevent re-entry.

Critter damage repair to your home.

Attic restoration and decontamination.

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Fully Minnesota licensed and insured.

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Saint Paul rat control and rodent removal

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Our Service Range

Maplewood, Roseville, Shoreview, New Brighton, Arden Hills, Vadnais Heights, Little Canada, North Saint Paul, Mounds View, Falcon Heights, North Oaks, Lauderdale, Gem Lake, and many more!

Saint Paul Wildlife Removal Tip of the Month: Can Raccoon Jump on Fences and Houses

The raccoons will not necessarily have to jump in order to reach the high areas. They have sharp claws that helps them get a good grip on almost any type of surfaces. They are also agile creatures and they have a hand like monkeys that helps them scale vertical surfaces. If they can jump fences or house, they will not end up stuck in our dumpster. However, there are also videos online showing that when they are threatened, they will choose to jump.

Raccoons Hop and Climb
Raccoons do not have the incredible jumping ability of some urban mammals. They can at least hop and cover a short distance. In order to get their hands on the treats that are above the ground, they will look for something that they can climb. Climbing is not just the amazing feat that the raccoon can do. They are armed with different characteristics that helped them survive in different settings.

This animal does not have the jumping prowess of the feline creatures. Nonetheless, they can still hop a few feet horizontally. However, they will not rely on this skill when they are hunting for food or looking for shelter. They are equipped with amazing abilities to make up for it.

How Well do Raccoons Climb
You probably saw the video of the raccoon that is scaling a 25-story building. The raccoon probably thought that it was trapped and the only way to escape the situation is to keep going up. The raccoon was able to reach the top of the building where it was given with a free cat food and a cage. We do not recommend the feeding of the raccoon since they can develop an aggressive behavior. They also need to develop their hunting skill to survive on their own in the wild.

Adaptability Skill of Raccoons
During the past few years, urbanization has eliminated the natural habitat of the raccoons. This has turned the woodlands into a residential community. While some of the creatures has suffered for this development, study shows that the raccoons have successfully adapted to the life in the urban jungle. New garbage bin is being introduced in the market every year to control the scavenging habit of the raccoon but the animal shows that they can learn and adapt just to access the food inside.

Super Sense of the Raccoon
Apart from their adaptability and climbing skills, the raccoons also have extremely sensitive senses. When compared with other urban mammals, this animal will have at least 4 times more sensory cells found in their paws. Around 75% of their brain that will process sensory signal would be dedicated to the touch. In fact, they will be able to determine the thing that they are holding without even looking at the item.

These are just some of the astounding characteristic of the raccoon that make up for their poor jumping ability. These skills make them a formidable urban mammal and help them survive in a range of areas.